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Community Rules

Community Rules Heading
Welcome! These rules apply to the community as a whole. Not just on the website!
We hope you enjoy your stay, but we do have a few rules that you need to be aware of.
As long as you follow them, then you will be all good, and not receive any warnings.

No Swearing Subheading
This is the most important rule. If you're swearing, and it bypasses the filter, those messages will be removed. This is a non-swearing community. If you cannot follow this first rule, then we kindly ask that you part ways. We want to nurture a kind-hearted, friendly community for all ages.

No Spamming Subheading
Please do not spam in our community. If you really have the urge to do so (as long as it isn't considered 'spambotty'), please use the #mysterious-beyond channel on the Discord. This way, people can mute it if they so choose to not see it. That is the only area that spamming is permitted.

English Only Subheading
Most, if not all of us, speak English primarily. Most of us don't understand other languages to the point of being able to have conversations. So, please refrain from using other languages here. If we end up getting enough people that speak another language, we may create a special board for you, but we would also need a moderator to keep that area, well, Family Friendly (no language)!

No Begging Subheading
Please do not beg for anything. This can be on the forums, on Discord, in the community game-servers, or anything else that involves ranks/items. We want you to legitimately earn Ranks/Items. It feels better when you earn it!

No Advertising Subheading
Please do not advertise anything. This includes other websites, Discord servers, other game servers (except in the board for it, where it's moderated!), or communities. Please get a hold of a Tyrant (Carnotaurus or Utahraptor) first for approval. Depending on the nature, it may or may not be approved. Affiliates, Creators, and Streamers are allowed to post their own Self-Promotion links. Nobody else except for them and those approved threads on the forum. Advertising download links is also not permitted unless allowed by a Tyrant. Please post shared videos/pics (as long as they are not yours) in the Discord's #media_sharing channel, to keep the main chat flow going, and more easily readable. Also, please only post the media once. Duplicates will be removed.

Headphones Please
We would love it if you would use headphones while in any voice channels, and a decent mic that doesn't pick everything up. If that's not doable, that's understandable. But if you can't of anything about background noise, please refrain from joining my "live now" or "recording" channels. Even a decent mic with noise cancellation will help. This is especially the rule while I'm streaming. If you have voice permissions, please have a noise cancelling mic, or you will have to just listen.

This will help cut down on background noise considerably.

No Self-Bots Subheading (Discord)
This rule is aimed towards Discord specifically. Self-Bots are against Discord's Terms Of Service On Self-Bots, and could cause the termination of your account if they find out. We don't want that! If you have a self-bot, just don't use it here, then we will never know, and you'll be fine!