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Ranks & Roles

Special Ranks @KJK

Kensons Jurassic Kingdoms has custom ranks (AKA Roles) in which most people can obtain, if they qualify. This page details what they are, what they grant, and how they're obtainable (if they are). Staff roles in general are not obtainable unless awarded by one of the Owners (Spinosaurus), or we open up applications because we need more. At the time of this writing, KensonPlays and The Evil Sphere are the current owners.

Spinosaurus These are the Owners of this community. They are the ones with the final say. KensonPlays has the absolute final say over anything, but if he's too busy, The Evil Sphere can make those decisions too. These are the people who have full control over anything. Meaning they are able to perform any action they wish. They need to keep the community Family-Friendly (no language, etc), so they will provide insta-bans, if it's serious enough.

Carnotaurus These are the Administrators of this community. They are the ones that have the final say if the Spinosaurus' are not available. If the Spinosaurus' are available, they have the second final say over any matter. Please listen to their directions, if told to do something.

Utahraptor These are the Moderators of this community. They have the second final say to Carnotaurus', and the third final say to Spinosaurus'. You also need to listen to them, as they are the 'police' and will give out warnings, and worse, if it comes to it.

Server Staff These are the people who help manage the community's Game-servers. They are second-in-command on the game-servers, and are moderators on their respective game forums. Elsewhere, they are just normal members like you!

The Council (& Donors) These are the lovely people who help keep the community alive! Without them, it's more difficult to improve the community. Without them, the game servers could shut down at any time with little warning. Please give them your personal thanks whenever you get the chance. They've earned it!

Content Creators & Streamers These awesome people provide content for you guys to watch. Unless they say a warning of sorts, their content are also PG (Minimal ~ no swearing). You cannot just be given this role because you have an existing channel. You must be actively producing content on it. You also need a minimum amount of subs/followers (some exceptions can be made) on each respective service: [YouTube - 250 subs] [Twitch - 200 Followers] [Mixer - 100 Followers]. They also have the permission to post their videos in #video-promo on discord, and on (board TBD) here.

Awesome Peeps These are the awesome peeps that helped shape the community into what it is today! Give them a personal thanks too. They've helped improve the community in some fashion or another. You can possibly earn this rank, too. Just be awesome! You will randomly get it if one of the Carnotaurus' or Spinosaurus' think you've earned it.

Affiliates These people have affiliated with us to help provide something to the community. Whether it's a game-server, sharing our community on theirs, or other reasons. They're here to help as well! Thank them, when you get the chance. :)

Pack Members This is YOU! Thank you for joining our community! You are helping to contribute provide a family-safe environment. Keep up the great work!

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    Feb 17, 2018
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