Ranks & Roles

Kenson’s Jurassic Kingdoms has custom ranks (AKA Roles) in which most people can obtain, if they qualify. This page details what these roles are, what they grant, and how they’re obtainable (if they are). Staff roles in general, are not obtainable unless awarded by one of the Owners (Spinosaurus), or we open up applications because we need more.


These are the Owners of this community. They are the ones that the absolute final say. KensonPlays has the absolute final say over anything, though. But if he’s too busy, The_Evil_Sphere can make these decisions too.


These are the Administrators of this community. They have final say if none of the Spinosaurus‘ are available. If they are, then Carnotaurus has the second-final say. They have permission to kick/ban as needed without warning.


These are the Moderators of this community. They have the second-final say to the Carnotaurus, and the third final-say to the Spinosaurus’. Without these lovely Moderators, this community could be a much crazier mess!

Server Staff

These are the awesome people who help to keep our community game-servers safe, and make sure everyone follows the rules! They are the second-in-command on these game-servers, right below the Tyrants (Spinosaurus, Carnotaurus, Utahraptor). They are also moderators on their respective game forums, and Discord channels. Elsewhere, they’re normal members, like you!

The Council (Patrons)

These lovely people help keep the community and our game-servers alive! Without them, it’s a lot more difficult to improve the community and keep it alive; and the game-servers could be shut down at any time! Please give them your personal thanks whenever you get the chance. They’ve earned it!

Content Creators & Streamers

These awesome people provide content for you all to watch! Unless they post a warning of sorts in their links, their content is also Family-Friendly. You cannot just be given this role, though, just because you have a channel. You must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Recognized by one of our staff
  • YouTube – 500 Subs
  • Twitch – 600 Followers
  • Mixer – 300 Followers (can be made an exception since MIxer is so new!)

They also have permission to post their videos in the self promotion channels on the Discord.

Awesome Peeps

These are, well, some Awesome Peeps! These are people who I find awesome, who helped in some major way to the community, or something of similar sorts! Please give them your personal thanks, too! They’ve helped in one or multiple ways. You can possibly earn this rank too! Just be, well, awesome! You will randomly be bestowed this, if one of the Carnotaurus or Spinosaurus‘ think you’ve earned it!


These people have affiliated with us to help provide something to the community. Whether it’s a game-server, sharing our community on theirs, or other reasons. They’re here to help as well! Thank them, when you get the chance. 🙂

Pack Members

This is YOU! Thank you for joining our community! You are helping to contribute provide a family-safe environment. Keep up the great work!