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Information Board

Welcome to the Information Board. If you are here, you are likely looking for some detailed information on SOMETHING about our community, right? Have you looked through the Frequently Asked Questions first? It is possible that your question is answered in there. If not, please read on!

Do you know me IRL? I have a special role for you! Get a hold of me with some sort of proof. If I saw you in person and told you to say something specific, say it. Otherwise, send me something that could prove your "IRL Friend" status.

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Official Links

All of these links open up in new tabs.

Website ~ (You're here, duh! xD)
Stream Site
YouTube (Inactive)
Steam Profile
Battle.net ID: KensonPlays#1294

Social Media Links

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Text Channels (Discord)

#jurassic_newsroom This channel (and accompanying board on the website) are used for News and Announcements. Reply-only.
#poll_time This text channel was used for polls in the past, but now we use the Newsroom to do this. It's an archived, read-only channle on Discord now.
#affiliates Our affiliates are listed in this channel on the Discord, and on the Affiliates page on this website.
#chomping_grounds This is the general chit-chat channel. Chat about anything you want here, as long as it's kept within the community's Rules.
#live_now This channel is used by a bot to promote other stream team members, and those who've earned the proper roles to post themselves in it.
#video_promo This channel is used by our Creators on the discord, to promote their newest videos!
#stream_chat This channel is used to sync the chat between Mixer and Discord. Works most of the time, although the bot sometimes doesn't.
#media_charing This is used to share images/videos that are not yours. Self Promotion is a big NOPE in that channel. Also, please only post them once. This channel is also to help keep #chomping_grounds clean.
#mysterious_beyond This is the only place that spamming is allowed. It is meant to be a channel that people can mute if they wish to not get spammed, but you can let your 'spammy' self out here. Just keep it PG, please? If not, it can get removed. (Same W/ Memes)
#giveaways Giveaways are ran here. It's meant to keep it relatively easy to run. We don't run giveaways on the website often.
#memes Keep this channel PG, please, otherwise it WILL be removed.
#ark_info Will be migrated over to this website Soon™.
#tech_general Talk about any tech related stuff here. :D
#tech_help Need help with some tech-related problem? Post here and some of our more tech-savvy people can answer here to help you out!

Game Text Chats

#minecraft Talk about any Minecraft-related topics here.
#overwatch Talk about any Overwatch-related topics here.
#toontown Talk about any Toontown Rewritten-related topics here.
#warframe (Not exactly PG, but it's a semi-popular game in the community.) Keep discussions free of language, though.
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Voice Channels (Discord)

? Chit Chat Talk about anything you want here. Please keep it PG!
? Dinosaurs ? Talk about anything about Dinosaurs here!
? Recording Pretty self-explanitory. Private channel for when Kenson records videos with others!
? ON AIR! Pretty self-explanitory. Anyone can join while I'm live, but only specified people can actually talk.
? Minecraft Voice Talk about, well, Minecraft, here!
Overwatch Talk about, well, ARK: Survival Evolved, here!
Toontown Talk about, well, Toontown Rewritten, here!
Warframe Talk about, well, Warframe (non PG game, please keep chat PG), here!
ARK Survival Talk about one of Kenson's favorites here, ARK: Survival Evolved!
Tech General Chat about technology here.
Tech Support Get help with your tech here!

? AFK ? AFK... I think you join if you're AFK for 15 minutes?
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User Joinable Roles

!notifyme Get notified of when members of our community go live here!
!unnotifyme Stop getting notified of when members of our community go live!
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    Feb 17, 2018
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