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Important Channel/Community Rebranding [Possibility]


Staff member
Feb 14, 2018
Hello guys, Kenson here with another important update.

As some of you know, I am potentially re-branding the name of the channel. Content & theme will still be the same, of course.

Some name ideas I've gotten so far have included:
  1. KensonSlays (Thanks BryOreo)
  2. [Suggest Some More! Once We get a few good options, I will add a poll to this thread]

I could use your help guys! Preferably something without Ken or Kenson, so that way we can have a much cooler, more awesome name thought up. You can use http://namevine.com to check to see if the names are available. I would much rather have one that would work on the domain, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram -- at the very least.

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