KensonPlays | Non-Swearing Creator

Hello, and welcome to Kenson’s “YouTuber Resume” website. This is a simple site to show you some of my best works, as well as ways to contact me for various contacts including sponsorships & collaborations!

If you’re looking for my main site, visit the Mesozoic Haven.

About Kenson

I’m a 28-year-old living in Texas, USA. I love dinosaurs, dragons, sci-fi (Star Trek/Wars/Gate), and more! I’m a very friendly person and love to provide good, clean entertainment for people of all ages! You’ll regularly see me making content on games like Path of Titans, ARK Survival Evolved, and other similar games!

Content Schedule

I currently upload on Wednesdays/Thursdays (depending on the week’s college load), and stream on Friday & Saturday nights over on my YouTube channel [for both streams & videos]! I usually upload in the afternoon so I can be home to respond to comments as soon as the video goes public! [If you want ~1 day early access to my videos, join our Patreon, or become a Nitro Booster on the Discord server!

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