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  1. Zoomaster

    Want a twist to Toontown?

    Toontown can be boring after a while. What if you HAVE to play the game but you are bored of the game? Well here is some twists you can do: Nuzloke It’s kinda like Pokémon’s way of If you don’t know that much of Pokémon games, nuzloke is the same game but if you die, you have to start over...
  2. Zoomaster

    Should I quit discord?

    Should I quit Discord? I feel so down because nobody likes me on some of discord and some in real life. In real life, they are like going to punch me with the school not caring. Answer the poll. Expires in 2 days after this is posted.
  3. Zoomaster

    KensonPlays: From Twitch to Mixer with a Website

    KensonPlays :trex: was a Twitch person, playing some games. He gained his popularity. Then, he played more games like Toontown Rewritten. That's how I came across his stream. KensonPlays, weeks later, was given an offer to be promoted on Twitch but he found Mixer. He decided to get on Mixer but...