KensonPlays' Resume

Non-Swearing Content Creator!

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I Have Always Been A Clean Content Creator!

I have never used foul language personally, and I try to limit my voice call buddies to the same, as well. This allows me to keep things as clean as I possibly can, no matter what game I'm creating content on.

The games I usually create content on include: Monster Hunter (Rise currently), ARK Survival Evolved, Toontown (Corporate Clash & soonish TT: Event Horizon), and other survival games like Path of Titans. 

Communities I Help Run

Mesozoic Haven

Friendly, welcoming community
for gaming & dinosaurs!

Serenity Development

Software Development company focusing
on creating tools for Content Creators
of all types!

Event Horizon

Fan Project Expanding Upon
The (Former) Toontown Online Game!

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